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    Transition and Change
    26 December 2014, Melbourne

    A-League Rd 16 - Adelaide v Melbourne

    Transitions and the subsequent change faced by professional footballers, and their families, is a constant companion of this profession. Transition and change can be defined by:

    • Accepting your initial contract (entering the game)
    • Taking up another playing opportunity (Overseas / Interstate relocation)
    • An interruption caused by injury (other)
    • Selection and de-selection in National teams
    • Or a career coming to or having ended

    The PFA are committed to assisting and supporting players at various stages of their career, through:

    • New Player Induction
    • Career Advice
    • Beyond the 90 (work placement program)
    • Contract Expiry Interviews
    • Overseas Advice
    • Relocation
    • Wellbeing network

    New Player Induction

    In 2014 the PFA and FFA have committed to an Induction camp for newly contracted players. The camp will be held annually and focuses on preparing players for life as a professional footballer.

    Career Advice

    A Player Development Manager is aligned to each club to work alongside players during their career and prepare them for transition.

    Beyond the 90

    Delivered by Infront Sports Consulting, Beyond the 90 provides measurable benefits for athletes Over 100 organisations have hosted elite athletes, providing valuable work experience, skills, contacts and insights into a new job role or industry. Many placements have assisted athletes to explore career interest areas before committing to study, or to establish key contacts for the future. Some athletes have gained direct employment through the program, whilst others have developed critical skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, time management, organisation and problem solving. Athletes have been able to enhance their career development, explore potential career paths, and create future employment prospects through work experience and on-the-job training.

    Contract Expiry Interviews

    Retiring and players facing contract expiration will be contacted by either, their Player Development Manager or National Manager, Player Development and invited to participate in an interview to ascertain the players current options.

    The interview will provide the PFA with critical information, including:

    • Matching Professional Development with the players current needs.
    • Feedback on the Clubs management of the process.
    • Identification of any transitional issues that the player may experience, whilst exiting the game.

    Overseas Advice

    Just as a player must make outstanding decisions on the field of play to reach the game’s pinnacle, they must make outstanding decisions off the field in the pursuit of their career. Helping to equip players to make better career path decisions is an overriding objective of the PFA.

    Before you go overseas contact the PFA, we are able to:

    • Put you in touch with players who have played overseas to share their insights.
    • Assist you through our global network of contacts, as part of FIFPro, who can provide you with the detailed information on the country, club and league you are potentially heading to.
    • Can put you touch with your local Players’ Association to ensure you are aware of rights and responsibilities as a player in that country.


    Under the A-League Collective Bargaining Agreement, the relocation allowance is between $10,000 and $25,000 subject to the nature of the relocation (intrastate, interstate or international) and the category of the player (single or family)

    The relocation allowance is only payable when included in a Standard Player Contract (SPC) and is paid outside the salary cap.

    The following table sets out the maximum amount available according to the nature of the player’s relocation:

    Player relocating without family within the same State in Australia $10,000
    Player relocating with family within the same State in Australia $15,000
    Player relocating without family between different States in Australia $15,000
    Player relocating with family between different States in Australia $20,000
    Player relocating without family to Australia from outside Australia $20,000
    Player relocating with family to Australia from outside Australia $25,000


    Under the CBA, relocation expenses may include:

    • airfares for the player and his immediate family;
    • removal or storage costs;
    • establishmentof household goods and furniture costs; and
    • temporary accommodation for a period of up to 8 weeks.

    Receipts must be produced and clubs are not in a position to reject claims which fall within the CBA definition, or impose other restrictions such as a time limit on claims being made. Players should also look to use any unspent allowance for relocation back home at the end of the contract.


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