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    26 December 2014, Melbourne

    A-League Rd 13 Midweek - Wellington v Sydney

    Education offers a significant opportunity to grow and develop in both the formal and informal educational settings.

    The PFA considers Education a key objective of the program and offers the following:

    • Education Grant
    • Elite Athlete Friendly University membership
    • Skill Development workshops
    • Business Builder program (Small business mentoring program)
    • Beyond the 90 – work placement program
    • PFA Educational partners

    Education Grants

    The PFA recognises the importance of Education and supports player’s endeavours in this area by providing financial assistance via Education grants. Players can apply annually by outlining how the study relates to the career plan.

    As it stands,

    • Up to $1000 can be requested annually
    • Up to $2000 can be requested as start-up assistance. This grant offsets course fees and costs of study for first time applications
    • Players can access up to $4000 for the entirety of their career – this is capped.
    • Youth League players need to have been a member of the PFA for 2 consecutive years before accessing any funds. This is capped at $500
    • Full professional members of the PFA are entitled to Educational support for the period of 2 years post retirement.

    Process for Education grants

    1. Complete the Form
    2. Get form signed off by Player Development Manager
    3. Email form to Player Development Executive Jy Bond,
    4. Collation and Presentation to PFA Executive for Consideration
    5. Player Notified of Result

    Education Grants Dates 2017
    Applications are currently open and close on 21st April 2017.

    See below for Education Fund application form.

    Elite Athlete Friendly University Network (EAFU)

    The Elite Athlete Friendly University (EAFU) Network has been established to identify and promote universities who have responded to the specific needs of elite student athletes by developing new, or promoting existing policies and practices which assist elite student athletes to undertake sporting opportunities whilst pursuing and achieving academic excellence.

    Any player requiring assistance with their current University requirements should contact their Player Development Manager or the National Manager Player Development

    Skill Development Workshops

    The PFA will work in conjunction with clubs and Player Development Managers to provide valuable life skill workshops, themes could include but not limited to:

    • Public Speaking
    • Managing Anxiety/ relaxation
    • Time Management
    • Media Training / Social media
    • Financial awareness
    • Mental Health Awareness
    • Decision making
    • Resume & interviews
    • Resilience & Coping

    Business Builder Program (Small Business mentoring)

    The Business Builder program seeks to provide a mix of theoretical learning and practical support to empower PFA members to develop successful business ownership opportunities during and post their football careers.
    Any player requiring requiring further information should contact their Player Development Manager or the National Manager Player Development

    Beyond the 90

    Delivered by Infront Sports Consulting, Beyond the 90 provides measurable benefits for athletes. Over 100 organisations have hosted elite athletes, providing valuable work experience, skills, contacts and insight into a new job role or industry.  Many placements have assisted athletes to explore career interest areas before committing to study, or to establish key contacts for the future.  Some athletes have gained direct employment through the program, whilst others have developed critical skills in leadership, communication, teamwork, time management, organisation and problem solving.  Athletes have been able to enhance their career development, explore potential career paths, and create future employment prospects through work experience and on-the-job training.

    Educational Partners

    • Australian Institute of Management (AIM)
    • Australian institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT
    • Open Universities Australia (OUA)

    Australian Institute of Management (AIM)

    AIM promotes the advancement of education and learning in the field of;

    management and leadership for commerce, industry and government.

    Across Australia, AIM adds capacity to managers by providing opportunities to learn, develop know-how and better understand practical management.

    The AIM agreement includes 1 x full free scholarship for a player to any of their diploma courses. Interested players should contact their Player Development Manager

    Australian institute of Personal Trainers (AIPT)

    Australian Institute of Personal Trainers is one of the leading fitness education businesses in Australia. Established in 1999, AIPT manages 101 Campuses around Australia and 5,000+ enrolments per annum in fitness.

    AIPT will provide three (3) complimentary scholarships per annum to tuition in one of the following

    • Certificate III or Certificate IV in Fitness or
    • Diploma of Fitness; or
    • Diploma of Business (tailored to the fitness industry).
      To apply for the scholarships contact you Player Development Manager

    AIPT in their agreement with the PFA, extends to Players, coaches, club officials and administrators a 20% discount off the rack rate of the above courses;  as well as the broader PFA “family” including family members of the players, state and or club coaches, officials and administrators  15% discount off the rack rate of the above courses; and

    AIPT also offer priority enrolment ensuring that each PFA representative is accepted into the program they wish to enroll, after meeting entry requirements.

    For more information on AIPT go to

    Open Universities Australia (OUA) 

    OUA will provide the following service offering to PFA (including employees and players as well as National Youth League and W League players and their family members:

    • Access to a priority corporate service team via a dedicated 1300 number (1300 513 044) and streamlined identification through a unique company client code FO1100409001
      Enrolment advisors will be at hand to assist employees and their family members in making the right choices in their higher education journey.
    • A flexible and portable higher education study option that will allow continuation of study regardless of location or posting.
    • Financial support in the form of textbook vouchers: $60 for each of the first five undergraduate units ($300 value) and $100 for each of the first five postgraduate units ($500 value) PLAYERS ONLY .
    • A 20% discount to VET courses through Open Training Institute for group enrolments and individual course sales exclusively linked to OUA and e3 corporate clients.
    • The development of a microsite specifically to promote the benefits being offered
    • A dedicated account manager who will be readily available to service your needs and at a frequency that matches your requirements.

    For more information on Open Universities Australia go to

    Education Grant Form

    Supporting documents

    Education Fund Form


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