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    10 February 2015, Melbourne

    Supporting the players and building the game were the two key objectives when the PFA was formed in 1993. Now 21 years later as the exclusive representative body and collective bargaining agent of Australia’s elite professional footballers, including A-League, Socceroos and Matildas players the mission remains the same.

    Remarkably, the short but significant years since its establishment mark the PFA as the longest established stakeholder in the professional game in Australia.

    The key to its longevity – the players. Since its establishment the PFA has, and always will be run by the players for the players. The players that drove its beginnings had the ambition and desire to form a players’ association in Australia that reflected the dignity, professionalism and quality associated with earning a living from playing the world’s greatest and most important game.

    In pursuing their goal the players understood that the wellbeing of the game is a precondition to the wellbeing of the players. By doing so the PFA has been at the forefront in reforming a sport that was once widely regarded as a ‘joke’ to one that is now firmly established on the world stage both internationally through the Socceroos and Matildas and domestically through the ever-improving A-League.

    The challenges that now confront the PFA and the players are as challenging and as exciting as they were in 1993. The PFA will continue to confront them and work tirelessly in pursuing the interests of the game and the players.

    To do so the PFA has committed itself to providing players with ‘world class’ collective bargaining agreements, player development and wellbeing programs and legal representation and advice. The players as always will be the ones driving the organisation forward in pursuit of these goals.


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