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    12 January 2015, Melbourne

    The FFA/PFA Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) is an historic agreement between FFA and the PFA, signed on 6 July 2007, which establishes the clear principles that are to guide player relations in Australian football.  Under the MOU, the PFA is consulted on all aspects of the professional game in Australia, and plays an active role in communicating the views of the players to the game’s hierarchy and assisting the game in making decisions in the best interests of the game.

    The MOU:

    • RECOGNISES FFA as the governing body of football in Australia; and the PFA as the exclusive representative body and collective bargaining agent of Australia’s professional footballers;
    • COMMITS FFA and the PFA to working in a cooperative yet determined fashion to secure the sustainable growth of Australian football at the international, A-League, local and grass roots levels;
    • ENHANCES initiatives and services available to Australian footballers to maximise their potential and development both as players and as people; and
    • ACKNOWLEDGES the responsibility of the game to demonstrate leadership in the community and contribute to the resolution of societal problems which may affect the integrity and values of football, such as racism, illicit drugs, gambling, corruption and doping.

    Important matters dealt with by the MOU include:  

    Player Contracts and Regulations

    The MOU acknowledges that Australian law prevails over the contractual and regulatory dealings with players.  FFA agrees not to implement any regulatory provision or change that may affect players’ employment, registration, careers, conditions or welfare without first undertaking good faith negotiations with the PFA.

    Principles of Freedom of Movement

    The principle of every player being able and free to maximise his or her potential and play at the highest levels in world football for club and country is recognised.

    Player Career Path Support

    FFA and the PFA have agreed to enhance supporting programs for players, including My Football Career.  Specific initiatives include education and training (including for life after football), access to independent advice and representation (e.g. on financial matters), induction and transitional programs and developing a culture within the game that takes a holistic approach to the development of players.


    The MOU commits FFA and the PFA to achieving a commercially successful schedule that respects the FIFA calendar, and builds the needs of players into scheduling decisions, including by addressing the requirement of high performance, professional and personal development and rest and recovery.

    Club and Country

    The MOU recognises that a player’s selection to play for his or her country represents the game’s highest honour, and that “this right shall not be compromised in any way”.  The MOU commits players to playing for their country, and ensures club/country matters are to be handled in accordance with relevant FIFA regulations.  The rights of A-League players to represent Australia are expressly acknowledged, and FFA agrees to reduce the incidence of conflict between the fixtures at A-League and international levels.

    FFA/PFA Grievance Procedure

    Vitally, the MOU establishes a Grievance Procedure that ensures all disputes about a player’s employment are resolved by arbitration by an arbitrator appointed by agreement between FFA and the PFA.  International and complex matters may instead be referred to a tribunal consisting of an independent Chairman appointed by agreement between FFA and the PFA, an FFA nominee and a PFA nominee.

    Commitment to Collective Bargaining

    Finally, the MOU commits FFA and the PFA to giving further effect to the principles and letter of the MOU through collective bargaining, especially at Socceroos, A-League and National Team levels.

    Supporting documents

    Memorandum of Understanding


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