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    12 January 2015, Melbourne

    The health and wellbeing of professional footballers are vital concerns of the PFA. These concerns are amplified by the nature of a career as a professional footballer, which is precarious, short term and one of constant transition.
    For the continued growth and success of the Australian football, protecting the health and safety of the players is essential.  As with all employees, players are entitled to a workplace, which is free from any unreasonable risk to their health and safety.

    To ensure players are provided with this and to assist the National Teams and clubs in doing so PFA has established a number of the monitoring systems and through collective bargaining with Football Federation Australia (FFA) implemented a number policies.

    These include:

    • The PFA Injury Report, which covers both the A-League and W-League;
    • PFA Stadium Ratings System, which provides data on the quality of pitches and atmosphere at all A-League and W-League matches;
    • Player Insurance, for loss of income due to injury or due to career ending injury; and
    • A-League Minimum Medical Standards (MMS), mandated minimum standards that must be complied with by all A-League clubs.


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