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    7 January 2015, Melbourne

    FIFPro is the representative organisation for more than 65,000 professional footballers worldwide. Established in 1965 with the mission of supporting the players, FIFPro with its 55 member, three candidate members and seven observer unions, makes it the biggest player union in the world.

    The PFA joined FIFPro in 1999,and 15 years later the PFA has become an integral part of the ‘world players’ association,’ with PFA co-founder and current Special Counsel for the PFA, Brendan Schwab, elected a FIFPro Vice President and FIFPro Asia Chairman. In addition to this PFA Chief Executive Adam Vivian is a member of the FIFPro Communications Committee, PFA Player Relations Advisor, FIFPro Asia Shannon Beck is a member of the FIFPro Women’s Committee and PFA Life Member Robbie Gaspar is a FIFPro Asia Consultant.

    With over 180 of the PFA’s 500 plus members based abroad, FIFPro has been integral in ensuring the rights of PFA members are respected both domestically and worldwide. With an increasing amount of Australian’s now plying their trade in Asia, FIFPro Asia, through the Chairmanship of Brendan Schwab, has been vital in working towards reform in a region that is widely regarded as the world’s most difficult for players.

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