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    PFA is the exclusive collective voice of Australia’s professional footballers.
    “Through solidarity the players
    have been able to not only ensure their
    own wellbeing but that of the game.”

    Simon Colosimo the PFA’s longest ever serving President.

    By joining the PFA, you gain access to:

    • 1. Significantly improved employment terms and conditionsand a stronger career path with more opportunities.
    • This is delivered by:
    • negotiating Collective Bargaining Agreements that provide players with ‘world class’ rights and protections;
    • negotiating stronger and fairer playing contracts with clubs;
    • assisting and advising players when dealing with their agents;
    • assisting players in resolving any disputes with their club and football bodies.
    • 2. An organization committed to continually advancing the professionalism and success of players and the game in Australia and abroad.
    • This is delivered by:
    • promoting the rights of Australia’s 3,500 professional athletes through the Australian Athletes Alliance (AAA).
    • promoting the rights of Australia’s professional footballers both at home and abroad through FIFPro, the world players’ association;
    • promoting and marketing players, their team and the game through sponsorship, conferences, media press releases, internet marketing and social media campaigns;
    • providing professional representation for players standing before hearings at football tribunals and industrial courts.
    • strengthening players voice as a collective to maintain its power and influence for upcoming professionals.
    • 3. Professional career and personal development opportunities through the PFA network.
    • This is delivered by providing members with:
    • a variety of employment opportunities outside of the game;
    • excellent education opportunities and assistance within and outside of the game;
    • advice and support services to prepare players for life after football;
    • support services and assistance through personal hardship.

    For any membership enquiries please contact Nick Farrugia or 1300 650 497.

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